Planning and Response at Your Fingertips

Circumspex™ has the cut the leash on web-based planning. Now your plan can evolve as quickly as your organization with the CXPro-Plan and CXRooms mobile apps from Circumspex™. Both apps provide a seamless link to Circumspex™ Online, and are optimized for the unique needs of commercial and residential users. Whether you’re an apartment manager looking for a way to help lessees inventory their contents, or facility manager who needs to oversee maintenance from the field, our new mobile apps put the power of Circumspex™ in your hands. Read on for details.

CXPro-Plan | Commercial App

A seamless link to your Circumspex™ online platform. With CXPro-Plan on your smartphone or mobile device, you can build your plan on-site and on-the-go. It keeps you connected to your key personnel and resources, and puts mobile support for any emergency at your fingertips.

  • Links seamlessly to Circumspex™ online
  • Edit entry details or add photos
  • Contact emergency team members instantly
  • Share information with first responders
  • Access the info you need in the first 15 minutes of a business disruption plus:
    – Evacuation and first aid resources
    – Utility shutoff information

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CXRooms | Residential App

The entire house, all in one place

CXRooms is a mobile app for documenting and storing critical information about the home. With CXRooms, users build a virtual inventory and backup important insurance information — all safely stored on secure servers.

  • Easily locate insurance info and policies
  • Submit claims info straight from your phone
  • Identify critical contents room-by-room
  • Catalog contents quickly and easily — complete with photos
  • Detailed entries improve speed and accuracy of insurance claims
  • Painless inventory process means peace of mind

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