Business Continuity Services

Our team of experts offer an array of business continuity services from property evaluation, risk assessment, business interruption analysis to on-going plan maintenance and testing.

Risk Assessment

Identify historical events as well as current and future hazards to your operations. What factors impact your risk index?

Business Interruption Analysis

Establish the financial implications of business disruptions to your critical processes. Better understand the hourly, daily, and weekly costs of downtime across your organization.

Strategy Development

With a comprehensive understanding of potential disruptions and BI costs, determine the appropriate approaches to managing those risks.

Establish Response and Recovery Procedures

Analysis and collaboration lead to effective procedures to implemented in response to a broad array of disruptions or disasters. We assist you with identifying and securing external resources.

Plan Building

Create a continuity and response plan that is straightforward, effective, and scaled to meet the needs and resources of your organization.

Plan Exercise and Maintenance

Continuity planning is an evolving process, not a destination. We train to build unconscious competence, improve decision making in chaos and identify leaders.

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