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What is Circumspex™?

Circumspex™ is a web-based platform (SaaS) for developing comprehensive response and recovery plans. These plans and protocols help property owners/managers respond to disruptive events — minimizing impacts and speeding return to normal operations.

What are the primary benefits of a continuity or response plan?

Business continuity plans help organizations identify and understand the potential risks and impacts of different kinds of business disruptions. Effective planning creates strategies that can help ensure continuity of operations in the aftermath of such an event. These strategies for response help organizations position themselves to maintain market share, share prices, and retain employees. Many insurance carriers also provide special incentives and premium discounts to policyholders with comprehensive business continuity plans.

Does Circumspex™ subscribe to the tenets of traditional business continuity planning?

Circumspex™ is built on the accepted best practices of BCP, though its focus is explicitly property-centric. At its core Circumspex™ provides a platform for easily organizing, maintaining, and exercising your BCP.

Can you help identify threats or perform a risk assessment?

Circumspex™ provides fundamental risk assessments and we work with several third-party experts to offer a variety of professional risk assessment, distance and onsite consulting, surveying, training and exercise services.

How many properties can Circumspex™ support?

Circumspex™ is fully scalable to accomodate single properties, property portfolios, campus developments, or detailed plans for individual floors in high-rise buildings.

Can I have multiple users and access levels?

Circumspex™ allows the creation of multiple users to facilitate collaboration as you build your plan. User access can be limited to a single location/property or expanded across an entire corporation with one of three access levels. Account Managers users may view and edit all locations. Location Managers can view and edit details for one specific location. Team Members have view-only access for one location.

Can more than one person work on the plan?

Yes, Circumspex™ has been designed for collaborative use. It may be built or maintained by groups of users working together.

How can I track changes to my plan?

Detailed information about updates are automatically generated and retained, including Created byModified by, and date modified. This information is shown in the footer of each entry.

Can I store photos and blueprints in Circumspex™?

Yes, Circumspex™ can store digital photos, PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, and Excel spreadsheets.

Can I import existing information into Circumspex™?

Yes, users can easily import existing documents, photos, and drawings. You can also upload data using our coded spreadsheets.

How do you provide training?

We typically provide operational training over the web. We can also provide on-site training on request.

Do you assist with employee awareness if we implement the plan?

Yes, Circumspex™ can provide training and employee awareness sessions. We typically provide operational training over the web. We can also provide on-site training if those services are needed.

What is the usual project sequence?

We recommend the following format, and have professionals available to assist in the plan development if you need those services:

  • Overview and staff orientation
  • Project kickoff meeting
  • Scope and assessment, risks, critical processes
  • Strategies, procedural developments
  • Plan build out
  • Exercise
  • Gap analysis
  • Benchmark standard completed
  • Schedule interval reviews and exercises

Can we host the application on our servers?

Circumspex™ user accounts are typically hosted on our servers, with guaranteed service levels. This way your plan is always available, even if your server is down. Additionally, this ensures that updates to Circumspex™ are automatically implemented without any additional installation. Local hosting can be facilitated, but additional fees apply.

What are the service level agreements for your server?

Circumspex™ contracts with a dedicated web hosting service that guaranteed 99.97% uptime. We will announce any scheduled downtime for maintenance at least 48 hours in advance.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on an annual license fee per location. Custom quotes for multiple locations or enterprise wide use are available upon request.

Do you assist with data collection and entry?

Yes, we are able to provide both field surveyors and data entry clerks based on your needs. Contact us for pricing.